Blisstival Can Reach Your Target Audience When You Can’t!

symbistage-3Every year hundreds of thousands of people dedicate their travel and entertainment budgets purely to transformational festivals around the world.  Transformational festivals are defined as counterculture festivals that focus on community-building ethics and a value system that celebrates life, personal growth, social responsibility, healthy living, and creative expression. Transformational alludes both to personal transformation (self-realization) and steering the transformation of culture toward sustainability. Some transformational festivals resemble music festivals, but are distinguished by such features as seminars, classes, drum circles, ceremonies, installation art (or other visual art), the availability of whole food and bodywork, and a Leave No Trace policy.  They are held in remote locations provided by state parks, private ranches and indigenous owned land.

Each festival calls in anywhere from 1,000 to 65,000+ attendees with an average ticket price of $200-$300.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars are typically spent at the event itself by the attendees directly to established and trusted vendors in the form of food and product purchases, and leave the gates ready to become loyal customers of products they found and enjoyed during their influential experience at the events.  Additionally, event organizers themselves are providing large quantities of items to their VIP’s, staff and volunteers.  These items can include everything from food products, beverages to supplements and more, to keep them going in the high energy atmosphere.  Outside the gates, the members of the community are spending millions of dollars every year with fond memories in their hearts for products and services they enjoyed at the events themselves.

IMG_0754-650x412A vast majority of the participants and organizers have already abandoned societal norms and will almost never be exposed to traditional forms of media and social network marketing, but instead find out about products that they dedicate their support to by their active involvement in the community and through sharing of resources with friends.  Several companies (Coconut Bliss, Healthforce Nutritionals, KIND, etc.) have found some of their most successful marketing campaigns are through direct participation in the events through sponsorships, vending and sample distribution directly to attendees, volunteers, VIP’s and staff.

The amount of effort it can take to creatively and effectively market to the right demographics and make sure your products are landing in the hands of the very people that will shift their regular spending toward your product or service can be tricky, however.  That’s where Blisstival comes in to assist you by implementing traditional sponsorship campaigns with personalized touches.  This can include your product in our Blisstival Bags with samples and literature being directly gifted to attendees at no cost to them, inclusion in exclusive bags distributed to VIP’s (performers, speakers, celebrity guests, etc.) and other unique and customized tactics.  The best part is, we do all the work for you.  Every situation is a little bit different, but whether you’d like to be included in bags, sponsor a tea house, run a booth or any other number of infinite possibilities, we can help you negotiate a scenario that is right for you AND provide the manpower and one on one contact as well!

Woogie-AaronOn top of that, we make every effort to make sure you’re getting more than you pay for, no matter what budget size you’re working with.  All it takes is an email to express your needs and wishes and we can take it from there.  Please keep in mind that Blisstival does not work with just anyone.  We don’t discriminate, but we are discerning.  It is our goal to bring sustainable and conscious companies, products and services to the community that has been assisting us as much as we’re assisting them. With rare exceptions, we make it a priority to work with companies that are in alignment with this demographic’s beliefs and goals and companies we believe deserve the recognition and awareness by a community that otherwise rejects most mainstream options.  Blisstival can reach your target audience at these events when you can’t or just don’t know how.  Let’s talk and see how we can be of joyful assistance to you!

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