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Amethyst Vortex – The Return of Beora

October 10, 2014 - October 12, 2014


●~ ॐ ~● W E L C O M E • L O V E • B E I N G S ●~ ॐ ~●

On October 10-12 2014
ElectriCocoon & Tribe
Come Together & Celebrate
●~ ॐ ~● THE RETURN OF BEORA ●~ ॐ ~●

amethyst vortex

Amethyst Vortex – The Return of Beora is a special charity event introducing TRIBE. Our TRIBE has secured Stone Bear in which to build a sustainable living community, and we are happy for this chance to introduce you to our community project. TRIBE is a collective of all the Tribes, each bringing their uniqueness in harmony as one. This charity event is in support of the Stone Bear sustainable living community project, to enable its fruition.

Stone Bear campgrounds lie at the edge of the Tahoe National Forest, consisting of 160 acres of lush forest land—including almost a thousand feet of river frontage! This territory originally was inhabited by the Washoe people who sustainably managed the forests and expansive watersheds of the Lake Tahoe region for millennia. Beginning slowly with Spanish occupation, and then more rapidly as a result of American settlement and the inception of the Gold Rush in 1849, this land has seen widespread degradation. Mining, grazing, railroad construction, and excessive timber harvesting have resulted in almost two centuries of environmental harm. The indigenous populations in this area and all across California lost their land and traditional land management roles as their populations were wiped out, as a result of what many consider the largest genocide on the North American continent (see Josephy, 2002).

Only in the last few decades has the positive potential of sustainable forest and watershed management been recognized by government agencies and the general public. When this property was purchased from a disbanded logging company about 15 years ago, the buyer had a dream of continuing the Washoe tradition, sustainably protecting the forest and its watersheds while providing a homestead for him and his family. He built a small lodge with cabins and and camping facilities on these 160 acres which he named “Stone Bear,” in reference to a grouping of boulders on the property that resemble a giant reclining bear. The 300-foot well drilled by this previous owner provides safe, clean, drinking water to the numerous faucets and spigots installed throughout the property—access that is rare in today’s world of increasingly privatized water resources. Unfortunately, a number of financial setbacks inhibited the economic viability of his sustainable homestead dream.

Fortunately, today we are blessed with a unique opportunity to continue protecting the land from unsustainable development and human harm. We hope to sustainably manage these 160 acres just like the Washoe people who resided here before us. Washoe, derived from Wa She Shu, is literally defined as “People of the Land,” and like these traditional peoples, we plan to live in harmony with the natural environment. We hope to make sustainable land stewardship and permaculture economically viable on this beautiful parcel, so future generations can share in the rapidly dwindling natural beauty of our Mother Earth.

This is a membership only event. Coming to this event, joining in, makes you a member. Positive vibes only!


Shinneyboo Creek Resort
11820 Eagle Lakes Road
Soda Springs, CA 95724 United States
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