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Festivals and Events

There are endless ways Blisstival can co-brand, co-create, cross market and collaborate with other event organizers. The earlier we are involved, the more we can do for you! Some of what we offer includes, but is not limited to mutual promotional distribution and digital marketing, affiliate ticket sales, media coverage (including syndicated preview write ups, post-event reviews, photography and videography), as well as staff, volunteer, and management recruitment. If you have a need we haven’t mentioned, talk to us! Even if we don’t have the answer, we will manifest someone who can help. The question is not IF we can do it, but HOW we can do it, or WHO we know that can help you accomplish any task. We exist in a thriving reality of Soulutions based thinking. We offer consulting services representing the brightest lights in the community.


Blisstival loves to work with unique, eclectic, and conscious vendors. Our joy is to place you and your wares in front of the community at the best events for your venture to be successful and abundant. We offer event matching, placement and fee negotiation, pre-festival marketing and promotions. We can also assist with finding you staff and volunteers to be of service to you and give you a chance to experience the festival too!


Blisstival puts your conscious brand in front of the right people to make a lasting impression. Our Bliss Bags (swag bags filled with your samples and offers that invoke bliss) and event matching services are an easy way to begin interacting with the conscious community. We offer inexpensive cooperative and non-competitive marketing opportunities. From small sampling ventures to full blown launches, Blisstival will help you navigate all of the opportunities to connect your brand with the movers and shakers of this rapidly growing phenomenon with a well networked and recognizable rapport.


Felix the Firecat is a Music and Performing Artist Manager who is grateful to represent professional and talented artists to negotiate paid gigs on the circuit.  Whether you’re new or established in the scene, Felix is eager to get you through the gates of the festivals and in front of the audiences who will love and support you and your gift.  Whether you’re seeking full service management or just trying to fill holes in your schedule, he can help you build an ongoing and requested presence. He is always seeking partnerships with new and emerging musicians, DJ’s, speakers, artists, teachers, social leaders, inventors, theme camp creators, healers, fire and flow performers, and just about any other enlightening or uplifting performers that would like to inspire others and be rewarded for playing your righteous role in Creation.


Blisstival is dedicated to promoting and producing conscious and spiritual events that gracefully and beautifully steward the spaces they occupy. We bring you the talent and audiences you’re looking for in a community that is of the ‘leave it better’ mindset. Whether you are looking to share your small yoga studio, coffee shop, warehouse, art space, create a small gathering at your magical space, or invoke a mass gathering on your vast acreage, we can help you to create a stream of conscious revenue while you allow others to transform into the healers and future leaders of this world.


The Blisstival team were attendees long before they were entrepreneurs. We know that your presence is necessary to make any event a truly successful venture and your transformation is why we’re all doing it. Blisstival regularly posts opportunities for volunteers, discounted tickets, in addition to occasional contests and giveaways.  Be sure to join our mailing list for the most up to date offers and exclusive Bliss Bags.

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