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Looking for an exciting writer who will sweat ink, dance through dirt paths & study busy streets? …to inhale culture, exhale emotion, feel food & smell sights? Well, you found me! I write about what people LOVE : Travel Food Culture Health & Well-being Soul aspiring adventure I’m a professional wordsmith inspiring people to go places, do things, taste flavors, feel and be alive! How do I do it? I pour passion, pleasure & my positive energy into writing: Web content Articles Blogs & guest blog posts Social media, sales & marketing copy “Bernadette has worked on many projects for us over the last few years. Her assignments were always timely, relevant and well done. I would recommend her services to anyone.- Paul Weissman, Publisher for MMM Management & Aqua Cabana Magazine I create compelling, quality content that beats hearts, whets appetite, and makes people imagine life at its fullest. Learn about where I’ve been & what I’ve written. Tell me what you’re looking for, and I’ll transform your proposal into my priority. When you’re ready to invigorate your company , community, or culture with an authentic, vivacious voice–get in touch! ~~~Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn!~~~ Bernadette L Ignacio © 2012

Mountain Top Music Makes Wanderlust a Must

With a week behind us, we’re still starry eyed from the mountain top wonders of Wanderlust in  Squaw Valley. On an endless list of utterly amazing things offered, the very tip top is as clear and…
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Lucidity Festival 2013: Welcome to Dreamality

After a full fortnight, we here at Blisstival reflect on the magic moments in time and space when mythic dreams collided with hard reality at the Lucidity Festival in Santa Barbara, California. Tucked away in a lush…
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Lucidity Festival…Pre-Dream Intentions

Typically, Blisstival reviews events after they happen and our writer(s) have experienced them. However – rules are made to be broken, right? Especially when it comes to this festival. A recurrent theme forcLucidity‘s festival is…
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Holi – L.A.’s Festival of Colors

Saturday, March 16th 2013 marked the first annual L.A. Festival of Colors in Norwalk, California. Well, technically, Norwalk isn’t exactly Los Angeles – but it’s at least in L.A. County, right? At any rate –…
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Become One: A Soulful Art Show Party

Between bliss and beauty, there is but One–and at the Become One Art Show, the works of many became just that. On a brisk September evening in Sherman Oaks, CA,  bloomed the vision of artist…
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