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Blisstival began in 2012 when John Apt (aka Jai Bhakti) and Nikki Wall (aka Nikki Starseed) joined forces to create the foundation of a transformational festival like no other. This foundation was built on a free blog that included event previews, reviews and how-to-guides for festival goers. Visionary entrepreneur, Nikki, evolved the simple seeds and roots into a growing oak by incorporating dharmic business ideas that would turn Blisstival into a full service festival production firm. In late 2013, the two met Keith Krieser (aka Felix the Firecat) and by early 2014, the three began collaborating. Keith, the visionary and founder of Soul Family Productions, presented an organizational and festival operation platform and system that would command open books and equal contracts for sustainable operation of mass gatherings for the mass healing of the planet. This model ensures that the entire conscious community has access to self sustainability while authentically living out their passions and missions that support the world’s ultimate transfiguration, and radical interdependent co-creative partnerships and alliances between the brightest lights alive today.

In 2017, the trio’s paths took a turn and John Apt began a new chapter of his life’s journey, while Nikki & Felix were inspired to carry the mission forward, uniting forces and resources for the ultimate blueprint of success. They have a combined rave and conscious community festival ‘career’ of over 44 years, spanning hundreds of events. The two have experience in almost every department of event production, as well as approximately 30 years of combined spiritual practice and healing work. Their shared mission and vision is to open portals of the accelerated actualization of World Peace through mass gatherings for mass healing of the planet and all life on it, along with other conscious projects and movements intended to empower and inspire all sentient consciousness.

There are many ways to support and be supported by Blisstival. For those that feel resonance with the mission of the visionaries, be sure to take a look at our services and opportunities pages, in addition to their related projects and links and then contact them if you feel you are interested in collaboration of any kind.


Nikki Wall, aka Starseed, has acted as the primary driving force and visionary for Blisstival as a ‘Festival Services’ firm. Her entrepreneurial efforts began at 16 years old and never stopped. Before she was of legal drinking age, Nikki had become a notorious award winning gay rights activist & lobbyist, HIV prevention advocate, traveled most of North America and Europe, and had begun a series of entrepreneurial start-ups and freelance contracts that would lead her to her destiny of being habitually self-empowered. Blisstival is one of the products of all of her past efforts and future desires wrapped up into one, from her individual vision for her personal life experience, to her determination to assist in the global awakening. The transformational festivals, conscious events, and spiritual and humanitarian communites have become her ‘home’.

When Nikki is off Blisstival duty and isn’t deep in other creative endeavors, she likes to cuddle with friends, swim, travel, read, play, and spend time with nature. The gypsy within keeps her moving, usually barefoot and giggling, all over the place, wrapped up in whatever adventure is most exciting to her heart, typically revolving around World Peace. Her spirit animal is the wolf and this shows through in her leadership, love of her pack, playfulness, connection with Mother Earth, protective nature, intuition and Howls of Universal Love.

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Keith Krieser, aka Felix The FireCat,  is the Founder and Visionary of Soul Family Productions, which is producing Blisstival, as well as the Director of the Arts Department. He has been training for a decade in YPO YAF (Young Presidents Organization Young Adult Forum), and trained 3 years in Landmark Education with an emphasis on transformational learning (NLP, public speaking, leadership training and personal empowerment). Felix has been producing fire shows for the opening ceremony of the Man Burn at Burnin Man since 2010, has put 100’s of performers in ‘The Great Circle’, has run the fire circles at the biggest stages on the Playa, and was the performing arts stage manager for Camp Questionmark from 2014 through 2016. He is transforming the story from starving artists to thriving artists through radical interdependent co-creation. Keith Krieser is to Felix The FireCat as Bruce Wayne is to Batman and serves as one of the bridges between the CEO’s of the World and Leaders of the Conscious Community.

When Felix isn’t focused on Soul Family Productions or Blisstival he spends his time manufacturing fire and LED tools for his company “Flow Gear,” leading his troupes – Felix & The FireCats, The Pyrotekchicks, & The Fire Pirates – curating his Vegas show ‘The Fire Circus,’ running his Soul Family Productions houses, fire performing, teaching flow arts classes, producing music videos, stage shows & reality shows with his favorite Soulebrities. In short he is a Desert, Pirate, Ninja, Gypsy, Badass, Healer made of Love, Light and Infinite Magic. His spirit animal is the Lion and you can see it through his relentless strength in the face of life’s challenges, patient and clever strategizing, warrior like courage, bold presence, and roar of Divine Truth.

More: Felix’s Website

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